Welcome to Time Ruler

Time Ruler is a powerful timer tool. Continuous and Custom notification sound in background. Multiple steps in timing task. Pausing and Repeating supported. Processing multiple tasks simultaneously. Grouping supported. 


- Custom notification sound. You can record a voice as the notification sound. 

- Continuous notification sound in background. You can assign the play count of a notification sound. 

- Multiple steps of timing and notification: Very suitable for cooking, fitness, and other multi-process timing tasks. Notification sound for each finishing of steps. 

- 3 methods to link up steps: You can set the start requirement of each step to define the link up method. 

· Immediately: Start timing immediately after previous step finish. 

· Manually: Pause timing after previous step finish, waiting for user pressing the continue button before start timing. 

· Delay: Delay a specific time after previous step finish, then start timing. A start notification sound can be provided. 

- Supporting for multiple tasks running simultaneously. 

- Supporting for task pausing. 

- Supporting for task repeating. 

- Start at a given time.

- Custom notification message: A notification message can be provided for each step, that shown with the notification sound. 

- Accurate to second: Timing and delay time can be accurate to second. 

- Task title: Title of task can be specified and modified. 

- Group management: You can customize groups, and specify each task's belonging group. Group name can be modified at any time. Tasks within a group can be reordered. 

- Dual task filter: To locate a task quickly, you can filter out tasks by their group and running status. 

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